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WorldPower Lithium Ion Battery Products
WorldPower adheres to the 'customer-centric, talent-based, innovation-based' business philosophy to provide customers with high-quality battery products to meet your various needs.
  • Electric Motorcycle Battery
    Our electric motorcycle batteries are built with advanced technology and premium materials to deliver high-performance power solutions. They offer excellent reliability, long battery life, and fast charging times, making them an ideal choice for electric motorcycle enthusiasts.
  • Ebike Battery
    Since 2009, we've specialized in R&D for e-bike lithium battery solutions. We provide customized models like Dr. design, rear hanger, and lower tube embedded, available for both domestic and foreign markets. Options include 24v/36v/48v, ranging from 5.2Ah to 30Ah.
  • Scooter Battery
    A reliable and efficient power source for your electric scooter. Designed with advanced technology, our battery offers long-lasting performance and a high energy density. With its compact and lightweight design, it provides optimal power without adding unnecessary weight to your scooter. The scooter battery is easy to install and features a built-in protection system to ensure safety during use. Say goodbye to range anxiety and enjoy extended rides with our durable and dependable scooter battery.
  • Electric Wheel Chair Battery
    Our wheelchair batteries are designed with high-quality materials and advanced technology to provide reliable power and outstanding performance. They offer a long service life, quick charging times, and exceptional durability, making them a great choice for wheelchair users.
  • Golf Cart Battery
    Our golf cart batteries are designed with advanced technology to provide long-lasting and reliable power for your golf cart. They are built to withstand heavy usage, charging cycles, and diverse weather conditions, making them a great choice for avid golfers.
  • Water Proof Battery
    Our waterproof batteries are engineered with advanced materials to provide reliable power in extreme and harsh environments, including those with high humidity or exposure to liquids. These batteries are built to last and provide optimal performance, even in challenging conditions.
  • Battery Energy Storage Systems
    Our battery energy storage systems provide reliable, portable, and sustainable power solutions for a variety of applications, from residential to commercial and industrial. Our innovative technology optimizes energy usage, reduces dependence on the grid, and helps lower energy costs.
  • Power Tool Battery
    A power tool battery is a rechargeable battery used to power cordless power tools. These batteries provide the necessary electrical energy for the operation of various tools without needing to be connected to a power outlet.
  • Garden Tool Battery
    A garden tool battery is a rechargeable power source used to operate various cordless garden tools, such as lawn mowers, leaf blowers, hedge trimmers, and string trimmers.
  • Medical Equipment Battery
    Medical equipment batteries are specialized power sources designed to meet the demanding requirements of medical devices. These batteries are crucial for ensuring the reliability, safety, and portability of medical equipment used in various healthcare settings.
WorldPower Lithium Ion Battery ODM Solutions
WorldPower is a leading Chinese electric vehicle battery manufacturer offering a range of services including PCM design, BMS management, software development, communication schemes, product ID modeling, and testing.
  • E-motorcycle Battery ODM
    Worldpower has delivered 100+ global projects of electric motorcycle battery successfully, due to the experienced professional design and extremely strict production and quality control from material to safety packaging,already becomes one of the leading suppliers of e-motorcycle batteries.
  • Ebike Battery ODM
    WorldPower works with the leading e-bike factories in China, which supply millions high quality e-bikes to worldwide famous brands especially in Europe ,US and Japan.Worldpower always takes care of the battery after sale service strictly according to the warranty policy.
  • Scooter Battery ODM
    We have developed lots of public models for scooter batteries, its mature technology, stable performance, safety and reliability characteristics help us build a good reputation in the market.
  • Wheel Chair Battery ODM
    All of ourwheel chair batteries are able to pass CE, ROHS, UL, IEC62133-CB, IEC60601-1 and other certificates as per customers needs. The batteries case can use public-shared mold or we can co-develop with customer together.
  • Golf Cart Battery ODM
    Using self-developed optical storage and charging system and high density lithium iron phosphate battery module, high stability, easy installation, strong safety, low noise, no maintenance free, UPS function, online upgrade and many other advantages, widely praised by domestic and foreign customers; products are exported to Australia, North America, Europe, Africa and other dozens of countries and regions.
  • Residential Energy Storage ODM
    We help design and build systems for a range of commercial solar applications such as small businesses, large-scale commercial projects, solar farms, and microgrids, and custom projects large and small.
  • Portable Power Station ODM
    WorldPower- Portable Power Station ODM ExpertPure sine-wave AC output, No damage to electrical appliances can be used in 99% of household appliances, electronic products, electric tools, etc.
Worldpower Dealership ODM Services
Worldpower's professional design teams provide customized services for your needs.

Since its establishment in 2009, Shenzhen World New Power Co., Ltd. has focused on designing, developing, and manufacturing lithium-ion battery module solutions for global customers. The company specializes in Canbus Smbus RS485 RS232 software design and development. Through continuous research and development, WorldPower has garnered nearly 50 patents and certificates, establishing itself as a renowned National High Tech Enterprise and one of China's Top 10 lithium-ion battery brands for Light Electric Vehicle and Energy Storage applications. Committed to adhering to modern management standards, the WorldPower plant has achieved ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO45001 system certifications and has implemented the MES system to enhance efficiency. Trust in World New Power Co., Ltd. for stable, high-quality battery solutions.

Worldpower offered prompt, professional service and their customized service impressed me a lot. I will continue to trust Worldpower formidable technical team.

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