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WorldPower Lithium Ion Battery ODM Solutions

WorldPower are TOP10 professional Electric vehicle battery manufacturer in China, we support our global customers with: 

 1. Design and development of battery protection circuit (PCM); 

 2. Power battery module BMS management design and development; 

 3. Design and development of software and various communication schemes such as URAT, Canbus, and smbus; 

 4. Product ID modeling and structure design and developmentsafety/environment/electrical performance/reliability testing and verification.

  • E-motorcycle Battery ODM

    E-motorcycle Battery ODM
    Worldpower has delivered 100+ global projects of electric motorcycle battery successfully, due to the experienced professional design and extremely strict production and quality control from material to safety packaging,already becomes one of the leading suppliers of e-motorcycle batteries.
  • Ebike Battery ODM

    Ebike Battery ODM
    WorldPower works with the leading e-bike factories in China, which supply millions high quality e-bikes to worldwide famous brands especially in Europe ,US and Japan.Worldpower always takes care of the battery after sale service strictly according to the warranty policy.
  • Scooter Battery ODM

    Scooter Battery ODM
    We have developed lots of public models for scooter batteries, its mature technology, stable performance, safety and reliability characteristics help us build a good reputation in the market.
  • Wheel Chair Battery ODM

    Wheel Chair Battery ODM
    All of ourwheel chair batteries are able to pass CE, ROHS, UL, IEC62133-CB, IEC60601-1 and other certificates as per customers needs. The batteries case can use public-shared mold or we can co-develop with customer together.
  • Golf Cart Battery ODM

    Golf Cart Battery ODM
    Using self-developed optical storage and charging system and high density lithium iron phosphate battery module, high stability, easy installation, strong safety, low noise, no maintenance free, UPS function, online upgrade and many other advantages, widely praised by domestic and foreign customers; products are exported to Australia, North America, Europe, Africa and other dozens of countries and regions.
  • Residential Energy Storage ODM

    Residential Energy Storage ODM
    We help design and build systems for a range of commercial solar applications such as small businesses, large-scale commercial projects, solar farms, and microgrids, and custom projects large and small.
  • Portable Power Station ODM

    Portable Power Station ODM
    WorldPower- Portable Power Station ODM ExpertPure sine-wave AC output, No damage to electrical appliances can be used in 99% of household appliances, electronic products, electric tools, etc.
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