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The electric scooter is becoming a popular transportation tool, commute model and professional model are wildly used in the recent years.The voltage of commute model is electric scooter battery 36v and electric scooter battery 48v, the capacity range is in 4.0-10Ah. 60 volt battery for electric scooter and 72V are for off-road and enthusiast models, the capacity range is in 20-50Ah.

How Can A Scooter Battery Odm Manufacturer Help Clients Reduce The Environmental Impact Of Their Products?

An electric scooter battery is a power storage unit used to provide voltage (power) to the DC motor, controller, lights, and other scooter accessories. It is made up of individual cells and electronics called a battery management system that keeps it operating safely with high energy density and longevity.               

the sealed lead-acid batteries (SLA) consist of lead and sulfuric acid that if discarded on the ground may contaminate groundwater and may cause a potential threat to both humans and the environment. Exposure to high levels of lead may cause several health-related disorders such as weakness, anemia, kidney failure, and sometimes death. Moreover, sulfuric acid being highly corrosive alters the soil chemistry and may cause toxicity in the subsurface environment. This factor is expected to restrain growth of the electric scooter battery market during the forecast period. 

The global electric scooter battery market analysis is done on the basis of product type, capacity, and region. Depending on product type, the market is divided into Lithium-Ion (Li-ion), Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP), Lithium Polymer (LiPo), Sealed Lead Acid Battery (SLA), and Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH). On the basis of capacity, it is fragmented into 100-500 Wh, 500-1000 Wh, 1000-1500 Wh, 1500-2000 Wh, and 2000 Wh & Above.

On the contrary, the rapid growth in the transportation sector consumes a lot of fuel that increases pollution and global warming. To promote the use of clean and energy-efficient vehicles lightweight lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery is used to provide voltage to the motor. It has high energy densities than other batteries and a smaller battery size makes it suitable for use in electric scooters. In addition, it uses lightweight lithium for the electrode instead of heavier graphite that enhances the mileage of electric scooters by reducing their overall weight. Moreover, rising completion among key manufacturers of electric scooters has made them more linear towards using the lightweight lithium-ion battery for providing affordable and last-mile transportation. This factor is anticipated to open up new opportunities in the market.

What Is The Future Of Scooter Battery ODM Manufacturing?

The future of battery technology is unfolding right before your eyes.


One fascinating area of development revolves around harnessing renewable energy sources for our transportation needs, replacing our reliance on fossil fuels.


Solar power, in particular, has already made its mark in the automotive industry, helping power the electric motor in electric cars. But the challenge with using this alternative energy source for e-scooters lies in efficiently storing it for widespread use. Just imagine though, a world where solar-powered electric scooters become the norm, tapping into the sun's energy to keep you moving.


With endless possibilities and zero carbon emissions, where would you go?


And the quest for better batteries doesn't stop there. Engineers and scientists are pushing the boundaries to create batteries that are not only powerful but also incredibly durable. Picture electric scooters with extended range capabilities, allowing you to venture further than ever before. And charging? Lightning-fast thanks to advancements like silicon anodes, batteries can now hold more energy while maintaining a compact size.


The future is bright, and the possibilities are endless. Whether it's solar-powered solutions or batteries that push the limits of performance, the next decade promises exciting innovations that will revolutionize how we power everything from our hand held devices to our EVs.


From solid state batteries to lithium sulfur alternatives, the future of electric scooter batteries is brimming with possibilities. As the pursuit of battery technology progresses, the future of electric scooters shines bright.


Advancements in chemistry, materials science, electronics engineering, and manufacturing processes continue to push the boundaries of innovation, propelling the electric scooter industry forward into a world of limitless possibilities. With increased range and enhanced performance on the horizon, riders can expect more thrilling adventures and greater convenience.


So, hop on and get ready for an electrifying journey ahead. The fusion of technology and mobility is set to redefine the way we travel, and Unagi are at the forefront of this revolution. With every breakthrough in battery research, we edge closer to a future where electric scooters become even more efficient, reliable, and indispensable companions for our daily adventures.


The road ahead is electrifying, and the best is yet to come!

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