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Front/Mid/Rear Wheel Drive All-Terrain Wheelchairs Battery ODM

The Front/Mid/Rear Wheel Drive All-Terrain Wheelchairs Battery is a powerful and reliable energy solution specifically engineered for all-terrain wheelchairs with front, mid, or rear-wheel drive systems. With its exceptional performance, this battery provides long-lasting power, ensuring smooth and efficient operation across diverse terrains. Whether it's climbing slopes, maneuvering through rough trails, or traversing uneven surfaces, this battery delivers consistent and dependable power to keep users mobile and independent. Its durable construction and advanced technology make it the ideal choice for those seeking a robust and reliable power source for their all-terrain wheelchairs.

Features of Front/Mid/Rear Wheel Drive All-Terrain Wheelchairs Battery

1. High Capacity: All-terrain wheelchairs require batteries with high capacity to provide ample power for extended use in challenging terrains. These batteries often have higher ampere-hour (Ah) ratings, such as 50Ah or higher, to support the increased power demands of off-road mobility.

2. Deep Cycle Capability: All-terrain wheelchair batteries are designed for deep cycling, meaning they can be discharged deeply and recharged repeatedly without significant capacity loss. This allows users to navigate rough terrains and engage in outdoor activities for extended periods without worrying about the battery's performance.

3. Durability: The batteries for front/mid/rear wheel drive all-terrain wheelchairs are built to withstand tough conditions. They are constructed with robust materials and design features that enhance their durability, such as vibration resistance, impact resistance, and protection against debris and moisture.

4. Fast Charging: Many all-terrain wheelchair batteries are designed for fast charging, allowing quick recharging times to minimize downtime and ensure users can get back to their activities as soon as possible.

5. Adaptable Mounting Options: Batteries for all-terrain wheelchairs typically come with adaptable mounting options, allowing them to be easily attached to different wheelchair frames or mounted in various locations such as the rear, front, or under the seat, depending on the wheelchair's design.

6. Safety Features: Safety is paramount when it comes to wheelchair batteries. The motorized wheelchair battery often have built-in safety features like protection against overcharging, over-discharging, and short circuits. This ensures the battery and the user are protected during use in challenging terrain.

Specification of Front/Mid/Rear Wheel Drive All-Terrain Wheelchairs Battery

ModelVoltageCapacityConfifigurationBMSCharge Port
WP-HL0136V/48V10-21.5Ah10S6P/13S5PHardware BMSDC2.1/DC5521
WP-QT0172V6.4Ah20S2PHardware BMSCustomized

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