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72V Electric Motorcyle Battery ODM

The Worldpower 72V Li-ion Battery is a state-of-the-art rechargeable battery pack with 18650/21700 cells designed for 72V E-motorcycles. It requires larger battery capacities (measured in kilowatt-hours, kWh) to support their greater power demands and longer-range capabilities. Higher voltage provides high-speed performance, typically ranging from 72V to over 100V.

Features of 72V Electric Motorcycle Battery

  1. This e-motorcycle battery pack is Built in brand NMC lithium-ion cell, recharge-cycle life up to 800+ times; Suitable for 72V motorcycles/electric motor conversion kit 1000W/1200W/1500W/1800W/2200W/3000W; Maximum constant discharge current: 50A to 100A .

  2. Our Lithium battery packs and lithium battery for electric motorcycle are prepared with Lithium cells which have minimal self-discharge frequency.

  3. The Lithium-Ion Motorcycle Batteries are lighter in weight and provide stability to the motorcycle.

  4. 【Solid & Waterproof】This battery shell is made of water-resistant and firm ABS plastic/Aluminum casing, ensure protect the inside cells from damages for fallen or crashes. Meanwhile, it have IP65 waterproof coverage sealing, to avoid water and moisture damages, so it can be used throughout the day, whether it is rain or mud.

  5. 【BMS System】 Built-in hardware and software BMS(battery management system) for using security, there are three major communication methods UART, RS485, CAN for software BMS. It can Monitor the status of the battery and protect the motorcycle battery from the damages of short-circuit, over-current, over-charge, and over-discharge.

Specification of 72V Electric Motorcycle Battery

Battery Chemistry Lithium-Ion

Cell Type/Assembly Method Cylindrical cells/welded


72 V


10 Ah/ 20 Ah / 30 Ah / 40 Ah/50 Ah (Customizable)

Discharge Current:

40A / 50A/60 A

Charging Current:


Working Voltage:

60 V - 84 V

Charging Cut-off Voltage:

84 V

Discharge Cut-off Voltage:

60 V

Load Power:


Cycle Life:

800+ cycles

Charge Temperature:

0°C to 45°C

Discharge Temperature:

-20°C to 60°C

Operating Humidity:


Storage Humidity:


Automatic Battery Protection Module/System

Low Voltage Disconnect,

Over Voltage Disconnect,

Short Circuit Protection,

Reverse Polarity Protection,

Cell Balancing

ModelVoltageCapacityDischarge currentCharging portProtocol
WP-BMF0372V / 60V35-45Ah50A ContinuousSame PortUART/CANBus

ModelVoltageCapacityCharging portProtocolDimensions
WP-DFN0172V40AhDC5.1/ DC8.0/ DC10UART/CANBusCustomizable

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