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48V Down Tube E-bike Battery ODM

A high-performance and reliable power source specifically designed for electric bicycles. With its sleek down tube mounting, it provides seamless integration and a balanced riding experience. Ebike frame battery enjoys extended range and a smooth, powerful ride with our HL down tube type battery 48v.

Specification of 48V Down Tube E-bike Battery

ModelVoltageCapacityCharging portDischarge PortUSB Port
IG-PLUS36V/48V14-24.5AhDC2.1 or High
Charge Current
6 pinWithout

ModelVoltageCapacityMax NumberCharging portProtocolUSB portLED indiator
IR-2170036V/48V30Ah/20Ah60 cellsDC2.1 or High
Charge Current
6PinWithout4 LED lights

ModelVoltageCapacityMax NumberCharging portProtocol
WP-MY0136V/48V8.8-1 7.5Ah50 cellsRCA-BStandard/UART/CANBus

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HaiLong HL Down Tube Type Battery - Powering Your Ebike Ride

Available Voltage Options:

  • Hl Down Tube Type Battery 36v: The Hailong battery 36v is ideal for e-bikes with nominal motor power of 250W and 350W, offering a good balance between power and range.

  • Hl Down Tube Type Battery 48v: The Hailong battery 48v is suitable for e-bikes with motors up to 1000W, providing extended range and higher power output for tackling hills and maintaining speed.

Ah, Capacity and Range:

Worldpower Battery offers HL down tube type batteries in various Ah capacities, allowing you to tailor your ride experience:

  • Lower Ah (10-15Ah): Ideal for shorter commutes or leisure rides, offering a compact and lightweight design.

  • Mid-range Ah (16-20Ah): Provides a good balance between range and portability, suitable for most everyday riding needs.

  • Higher Ah (25Ah+): Extends your range for longer journeys or adventurous rides, allowing you to explore further on a single charge.

Choosing the Right HL Down Tube Type Battery:

Consider these factors when selecting your HL downtube battery:

  • Motor power: Ensure the battery voltage matches your e-bike motor's requirements.

  • Riding style and distance: Choose an Ah capacity that aligns with your typical rides and desired range.

  • Weight and size: Consider the battery's weight and size to ensure it integrates seamlessly with your e-bike's down tube.

Worldpower Battery HL Down Tube Type Batteries:

  • Long-lasting performance: Built with high-quality cells for reliable power and extended battery life.

  • Safe and secure: Equipped with safety features to protect against overcharge, discharge, and temperature extremes.

  • Easy installation: Designed for seamless integration with most e-bikes.

Features of HL Down Tube Type Battery 48v

  • Extended Range: Enjoy longer rides with the battery's high capacity, allowing you to explore further and conquer more challenging terrains.

  • Smooth Power Delivery: Experience a smooth and powerful ride thanks to the HL down tube type battery 48v's advanced technology, ensuring optimal performance for various riding styles.

  • Sleek and Integrated Design: The down tube mounting design provides a clean and balanced aesthetic, perfectly complementing your e-bike's frame.

  • Versatile Compatibility: Compatible with various e-bikes, the Hailong battery 48v offers a universal solution for upgrading your electric ride.

  • Safe and Reliable: WorldPower Battery HL down tube type battery prioritizes safety and reliability with high-quality materials and construction, giving you peace of mind on every journey.

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