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48V 100Ah Rack-mounted lifePO4 Battery ODM

48V / 51.2V rack-mounted LiFePO4 battery, high energy density, stylish appearance, easy to install and expand,  widely used in telecom base stations, commercial energy storage, UPS,Residential energy storage systems.

Features of 48V 100Ah Rack-mounted lifePO4 Battery

  1. Light weight,  Small size.

  2. Intelligent battery  management system.

  3. Support a variety of  communication protocols,  support RS485, RS232, CAN etc.

  4. Cycle life up to  6000 times Light weight.

  5. Small size Compatible with a  variety of inverters.

  6. In the extreme performance safety test, the  battery will not catch fire, explode, leak, and  be safer to use.

  7. Supports up to  16 clusters in parallel.

Specification of 48V 100Ah Rack-mounted lifePO4 Battery

Model NameAHQ-LV48-100
Nominal Voltage (V)51.2
Nominal Capacity (Ah)100
Energy (Wh)5120
Dimension (mm)L460xW442XH177
Weight (Kg)47
Discharge Cut-off Voltage (V)42.4
Charge Cut-off Voltage (V)57.6
Communication PortRS485,RS232,CAN
Cell serial number (pcs)16
Working Temperature/°C-10~60
Design life10+Years(25°C)
Cycle Life6000Cycles (80%)
Recommended charge current (A)≤50A
Maximum continuous charge current100A
Maximum continuous discharge current100A

Qty(PCS)1~1011-5050-200200-500100% new A Grade Cell
FOB Shenzhen(USD)1029985889869

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