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Custom Ebike Lithium Battery Manufacturer

Elevate your electric biking experience with Worldpower's exceptional Custom Ebike Batteries. Discover precision-engineered solutions in 36 volt lithium ebike battery, 48v lithium battery for electric bike, and ebike battery 52v categories, catering to diverse preferences. Our advanced ebike battery packs offer reliability and peak performance, empowering every journey. At Worldpower, we prioritize innovation, quality, and sustainability to redefine your ride. Choose excellence – choose Worldpower ODM Battery.

Types of Ebike Batteries for Sale

Features of Lithium Battery for E-bike

Features of Lithium Battery for E-bike

1) E-bike Batteries Capacity: The capacity of an e-bike battery refers to the amount of energy it can store, typically measured in watt-hours (Wh). Higher capacity batteries allow for longer riding distances without the need for frequent recharging.

2) E-bike Batteries Voltage: The voltage of an e-bike battery determines the power output it can provide to the electric motor. Most e-bike batteries have a voltage of 36V or 48V, although higher voltage options are also available for more powerful electric bikes.

3) E-bike Batteries Type: There are different types of batteries used in e-bikes, including ebike frame battery and Tube Integrated Battery,  lithium-ion (Li-ion) and lithium polymer (lifepo4 ebike battery). Lithium ion battery for E-bike is commonly used due to their high energy density, low maintenance requirements, and lightweight design.

4) E-bike Batteries Charging Time: The charging time of an e-bike battery refers to how long it takes to fully recharge the batteries for ebikes from empty to full. Charging times can vary depending on the battery capacity and the charger used. Rapid chargers are also available for quicker charging times.

The Role Of BMS In E-Bike Batteries

1) Cell Balancing: An e-bike battery consists of multiple cells connected in series or parallel. BMS ensures that all cells are balanced in terms of voltage levels, preventing overcharging or over-discharging of individual cells. This helps maximize the E-bicycle battery's capacity and lifespan.

2) Overcharge and Overdischarge Protection: BMS monitors the E-bicycle battery voltage during the charging and discharging processes. It prevents overcharging by cutting off the charging current when the E-bicycle battery reaches its maximum voltage limit. Similarly, it protects against over-discharge by disconnecting the load when the battery's voltage drops too low. These protections help prevent damage to the E-bicycle battery and enhance its safety.

3) Overcurrent Protection: BMS monitors the current flowing in and out of the E-bicycle battery. It protects against excessive current draw by disconnecting the load or reducing the power output when the current exceeds a safe limit. This safeguards the E-bicycle battery and its associated components from potential damage due to overload or short circuits.

4) Temperature Monitoring and Protection: BMS monitors the temperature of the E-bicycle battery to ensure it remains within safe operating limits. If the temperature rises above the predetermined threshold, the BMS activates safety measures like reducing the charging or discharging current to prevent overheating. This protects the E-bicycle battery from potential damage and ensures safe operation.

5) State of Charge (SOC) Estimation: BMS estimates the State of Charge (SOC) of the E-bicycle battery, providing users with information about the remaining E-bicycle battery capacity. This allows riders to plan their routes accordingly and avoid unexpected E-bicycle battery depletion during rides.

6) Communication and Data Logging: BMS often includes communication interfaces, such as CAN bus or UART, to exchange data with the e-bike's controller or display. It can provide real-time information, such as E-bicycle battery voltage, current, temperature, and SOC, enabling riders to monitor the E-bicycle battery's performance and make informed decisions.

Custom Ebike Battery 36v/48v/52v Features and Applications

36V Lithium Ion Battery For Electric Bikes: Powering Efficient Adventures

The 36V lithium ion battery for electric bike, a cornerstone of Worldpower's Custom Ebike Battery offerings, is designed to redefine your electric biking experience. With a focus on optimal balance and efficiency, this battery boasts a range of features that enhance both performance and practicality.

  • 36V Lithium Battery For Electric Bikes Features

Optimal Voltage: The e bike 36 volt battery strikes a harmonious balance between power and energy efficiency, ensuring a smooth and sustained ride without compromising battery life.

Extended Ride Duration: With its moderate voltage output, this battery provides a commendable range, making it an ideal choice for daily commuting and leisurely rides.

Compact Design: Worldpower's 36 volt bike battery is engineered for seamless integration into various ebike models, without adding unnecessary bulk.

Reliable Output: Consistent energy output guarantees stable acceleration and facilitates an engaging biking experience across varying terrains.

Quick Charging: The 36v ebike battery supports rapid charging, minimizing downtime and allowing you to hit the road with minimal delay.

  • 36V Battery For Electric Bike Applications

Urban Commuting: Ideal for navigating city streets, the 36v ebike battery offers sufficient power for moderate distances, ensuring a hassle-free and eco-friendly commute.

Casual Riding: Whether you're exploring scenic routes or riding through the neighborhood, the 36v lithium ion battery for electric bike caters to leisurely cyclists seeking a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Beginner-Friendly: Perfect for those new to electric biking, the 36 volt lithium battery for electric bikes strikes a balance between performance and simplicity, making it an excellent entry point into the world of e-cycling.

48V Lithium Battery for Electric Bike: Empowering Versatile Performance

Worldpower's HL down tube type battery 48v is engineered to take your electric bike's capabilities to the next level. With heightened voltage, this battery opens doors to enhanced power and adaptability across various biking scenarios.

  • 48v lithium battery for electric bike features

Increased Voltage: The 48V battery delivers a surge of power, resulting in quicker acceleration and sustained high-speed performance.

Performance Boost: Uphill climbs and challenging terrains become conquerable with the increased energy output of the 48V battery.

Versatile Compatibility: Designed to accommodate a wide range of electric bike models, the battery seamlessly integrates with diverse setups.

Advanced Energy Management: Smart energy distribution ensures that the 48V battery optimizes power usage, extending the ride duration without sacrificing performance.

  • 48v lithium battery for electric bike applications

Adventurous Terrain: For off-road enthusiasts and trail riders, the 48V battery provides the extra punch needed to tackle rugged terrains and steep gradients.

Sporty Commutes: Perfect for those who desire a dynamic commute, the 48V battery transforms mundane journeys into exhilarating rides, ensuring you arrive at your destination with a rush of adrenaline.

Touring and Exploration: Long-distance touring and exploration benefit from the 48V battery's extended range and sustained power, allowing you to uncover new horizons without limitations.

Ebike Battery 52V: Unleashing Unprecedented Power and Performance

As a testament to cutting-edge technology, Worldpower's Ebike Battery 52V stands at the forefront of high-performance electric biking. Crafted to redefine boundaries, this battery propels your ride to unparalleled heights.

  • Ebike Battery 52V Features

Maximum Voltage: The 52v battery ebike maximizes power output, translating to lightning-fast acceleration, sustained top speeds, and an unrivaled biking experience.

Extreme Performance: Steep hills and demanding routes are effortlessly conquered by the exceptional power and torque provided by the 52V battery.

Customization Capabilities: With its adaptable design, the 52V battery accommodates various riding styles and preferences, allowing for personalized configurations.

Intelligent Management: Equipped with advanced battery management systems, the 52V battery ensures optimized energy distribution for peak performance without compromising safety.

  • Ebike Battery 52V Applications

Performance Cycling: Enthusiasts seeking the pinnacle of electric biking performance will find the 52V battery indispensable, pushing the boundaries of speed and power in competitive settings.

High-Speed Commuting: Shorten your commute time significantly with the 52V battery, transforming regular routes into exhilarating, time-efficient journeys.

Extreme Sports: Thrill-seekers and adventure lovers can engage in extreme sports and daring stunts, as the 52V battery provides the necessary energy and torque for intense maneuvers.

Worldpower's Custom Ebike Batteries, lithium solar batteries for sale available in 36V, 48V, and 52V variants, redefine what's possible in the world of electric biking. With carefully curated features and versatile applications, these batteries cater to riders across all spectrums, from leisurely cyclists to adrenaline junkies. Choose the power and performance that align with your riding ambitions, and embark on a journey like never before.

FAQS Of WorldPowerEbike Battery

FAQS Of WorldPowerEbike Battery

  • Q How Long Does It Take To Fully Charge The Worldpower E-Bike Battery?


    The charging time of the Worldpower e-bike battery can vary depending on the battery capacity and the charger used. Typically, it takes around 4-8 hours to fully charge the battery.

  • Q How Long Does The Worldpower E-Bike Battery Last On A Single Charge?


    The range of a Worldpower e-bike battery depends on various factors such as the capacity of the battery, the power consumption of the electric motor, and the terrain conditions. Generally, you can expect a range of 30-70 miles on a single charge.

  • Q Can I Charge The Worldpower E-Bike Battery While It Is Still Attached To The Bike?


    Yes, the Worldpower e-bike batteries can usually be charged while they are still attached to the bike. However, it is important to ensure that the charging port is easily accessible and that the battery is securely connected.

  • Q Can I Use A Different Brand Of Charger For My Worldpower E-Bike Battery?


    It is generally recommended to use the original charger provided by Worldpower for optimal performance and safety. However, if you need to use a different charger, ensure that it is compatible with the voltage and charging specifications of the Worldpower e-bike battery.

  • Q How Long Does The Worldpower E-Bike Battery Last Before It Needs To Be Replaced?


    The lifespan of the Worldpower e-bike battery can vary depending on the usage, charging habits, and overall maintenance. On average, the battery can last for 2-5 years before it starts to lose capacity and requires replacement.

  • Q Does The Worldpower E-Bike Battery Come With A Warranty?


    Yes, Worldpower typically offers a warranty for their e-bike batteries. The specific warranty terms and duration may vary, so it is advisable to check with the manufacturer or retailer for detailed warranty information.

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