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Light Electric Vehicle Battery ODM Service

Our full technology support service provides comprehensive assistance from assessment and design to testing and verification for various aspects of battery technology.

1. Design and development of battery protection circuit (PCM): Our expert team specializes in designing and developing battery protection circuits to ensure the safety and proper functioning of batteries. The PCM protects batteries from overcharging, over-discharging, and other potential risks, maximizing their lifespan and performance.

2. Power light battery module BMS management design and development: We offer tailored solutions for power battery module BMS (Battery Management System) management. Our team designs and develops BMS systems that monitor and control battery parameters such as voltage, temperature, and current to ensure optimal performance, efficiency, and safety.

3. Design and development of software and communication schemes: We provide software design and development services to enable efficient communication and control between batteries and external devices. Our expertise extends to various communication protocols such as UART, CANbus, and SMBus, ensuring seamless integration of batteries into different systems.

4. Product ID modeling and structure design: We excel in product ID modeling and structure design, ensuring the batteries' physical appearance aligns with customer requirements and industry standards. Our team considers factors such as safety, environmental sustainability, electrical performance, and reliability during the design process.

5. Safety/environment/electrical performance/reliability testing and verification: We conduct thorough testing and verification for all aspects of battery technology. This includes safety testing to ensure compliance with relevant safety standards and regulations. We also perform environmental testing to gauge performance under various conditions, electrical performance testing to assess efficiency and functionality, and reliability testing to confirm the durability and longevity of the batteries.

Our full technology support service provides end-to-end assistance, from initial assessment and design to rigorous testing and verification, ensuring that the battery solutions we develop meet the highest standards in terms of performance, safety, and reliability.

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