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48V E- Battery Moped Lithium Battery ODM

The 48V E-moped Lithium Battery is a high-performance energy solution specifically designed for electric mopeds. With its advanced lithium-ion technology, this battery provides reliable power and long-lasting performance, allowing for extended rides and efficient energy utilization.

Applications of 48V E- Battery Moped Lithium Battery

1. Electric Mopeds: The primary application of a 48V e-moped lithium battery is to power electric mopeds, providing a clean and efficient alternative to traditional gasoline engines.

2. Electric Bicycles: Some electric bicycles are designed to operate on a 48V system, and the electric moped battery serves as the main power source, offering longer ranges and faster speeds.

3. Electric Tricycles: Electric tricycles, commonly used for transportation and delivery services, can benefit from a 48V lithium battery, providing extended range and enabling heavier loads.

4. Golf Carts: Many golf carts now utilize electric power systems, and a 48V lithium battery pack is capable of delivering the power and capacity required for extended playtime on the golf course.

5. Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs): NEVs, small electric cars typically used for short commutes or local transportation, often rely on a 48V e-moped lithium battery for efficient and eco-friendly mobility.

6. Stand-alone Power Systems: 48V e-moped lithium batteries can also be used as a stand-alone power source for various applications like emergency backup systems, off-grid homes, or remote locations where traditional power sources are unavailable or inconsistent.

Specification of 48V E- Battery Moped Lithium Battery

ModelVoltageCapacityCharging portProtocolDimensions

ModelVoltageCapacityConfigurationDischarge CurrentCharging PortWaterproof Level
WP-GN0150.4V30Ah14S6P50ASame PortIP68


ModelVoltageCapacityCharging PortDischarge Port
DP-9/9C DP2170036V/48V35Ah/24.5Ah

DC 2.1 or High

Charge Current

5 pin

ModelVoltageCapacityCharging portDischarge PortUSB Port
IG-PLUS36V/48V14-24.5AhDC2.1 or High
Charge Current
6 pinWithout

ModelVoltageCapacityMax NumberCharging portProtocolUSB portLED indiator
IR-2170036V/48V30Ah/20Ah60 cellsDC2.1 or High
Charge Current
6PinWithout4 LED lights

ModelVoltageCapacityMax NumberCharging portProtocol
WP-FN0136V/48V8.8-17.5Ah50 cellsRCA-BStandard/UART/CANBuS
WP-MY0136V/48V8.8-1 7.5Ah50 cellsRCA-BStandard/UART/CANBus

ModelVoltageCapacityCharging portProtocol
AWP-6936V/48V12Ah/1 6Ah/18Ah/20AhXT60Standard/UART/CANBus

ModelVoltageCapacityConfifigurationBMSCharge Port
WP-HL0136V/48V10-21.5Ah10S6P/13S5PHardware BMSDC2.1/DC5521

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