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50.4v 35ah 40ah 50ah Hydrofoil Efoil Battery ODM

The 50.4v 35Ah, 40Ah, and 50Ah Hydrofoil Efoil Battery packs offer reliable and consistent power to elevate your hydrofoil experience. With their high capacity and voltage, these batteries provide extended ride times and enhanced performance, ensuring an exhilarating and uninterrupted adventure on the water. To learn more about E Foil Battery, please do not hesitate to contact Worldpower Battery.

Advantage of 50.4v 35ah 40ah 50ah Hydrofoil Efoil Battery

1. Increased Power and Speed: The higher voltage of 50.4V in a hydrofoil eFoil battery pack (such as a 35Ah, 40Ah, or 50Ah capacity) provides increased power output to the electric motor, resulting in higher speeds and improved performance on the water. This allows eFoil riders to experience thrilling and exhilarating rides.

2. Longer Ride Time: The larger capacity of 35Ah, 40Ah, or 50Ah in the hydrofoil eFoil battery pack allows for longer ride times without the need for recharging. This is advantageous for riders who want to spend more time on the water and enjoy uninterrupted rides, exploring and enjoying the hydrofoil experience.

3. Efficient Power Conversion: The higher voltage and capacity in the battery pack enable more efficient power conversion, thereby maximizing the energy output and extending the eFoil's range. This efficiency results in longer rides per charge and better overall performance.

4. Lightweight and Compact Design: Hydrofoils require a lightweight and compact battery pack to maintain balance and maneuverability in the water. Despite its higher capacity and voltage, a 50.4V 35Ah, 40Ah, or 50Ah hydrofoil eFoil battery pack is designed to be lightweight and compact, allowing for easy installation and optimizing the hydrofoil's performance.

Specification of 50.4v 35ah 40ah 50ah Hydrofoil Efoil Battery

ModelVoltageCapacityConfigurationDischarge CurrentCharging PortWaterproof Level
WP-GN0150.4V30Ah14S6P50ASame PortIP68


ModelVoltageConfifigurationCapacityDischarge CurrentCharging PortSame Port
WP-DLP0250.4V14S5P20Ah45A ContinuousProtocolCANBus

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