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60v Electric Scooter Battery ODM

The 60v Electric Scooter Battery is a top-of-the-line power source for electric scooters. With its high voltage output, it enables riders to reach higher speeds and tackle challenging terrains. Its long-lasting battery life ensures extended rides without the need for frequent charging. Its compact and lightweight design allows for easy installation and portability.

Advantages of 60v Electric Scooter Battery

1.  Electric Scooters: The primary application of a 48V electric scooter battery is to power electric scooters.  It provides the necessary voltage and capacity to drive the scooter's motor and propel the scooter for commuting or recreational purposes.

2.  Electric Bicycles: Some electric bicycles are designed to operate on a 48V system, and the battery serves as the main power source.  These batteries offer longer ranges and higher speeds, powering the electric motor to assist with pedaling or provide full electric propulsion.

3.  Electric Motorcycles: Certain electric motorcycles are equipped with a 48V electric scooter battery, delivering high voltage and capacity to support the higher power demands of the motor.  These batteries enable longer rides and enhanced performance for electric motorcycle enthusiasts.

4.  DIY Projects: 48V electric scooter batteries can be used in various DIY projects, such as electric go-karts, small electric vehicles, or custom-built electric transportation solutions.  Their high voltage and capacity make them suitable for providing power to small electric vehicles beyond standard scooters and bicycles.

Specification of 60v Electric Scooter Battery

ModelVoltageCapacityCharging portProtocol

ModelVoltageCapacityCharging portProtocolDimensions

ModelVoltageCapacityDischarge CurrentCharging portProtocol
WP-BMF0372V/60V35-45Ah50A ContinuousSame PortUART/CANBus
WP-BHE0360V20Ah40A ContinuousDC5.1/DC8.0/DC10UART+Bluetooth

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