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12v 20ah Kayak Boats Battery Pack ODM

The 12V 20Ah kayak boat battery pack is a compact and lightweight power solution designed specifically for kayak boats. It provides a 12-volt output voltage and a 20Ah capacity, offering sufficient power to operate electric motors, fish finders, or other electronic accessories used in kayaks. This battery pack of the kayak lithium battery is typically designed with a durable and waterproof enclosure, ensuring safe and reliable operation even in wet conditions. The compact size and lightweight nature of the battery pack make it easy to install and carry, allowing kayakers to power their equipment while on the water.

Application of 12v 20ah Kayak Boats Battery Pack

1. Powering electric trolling motors: A 12V 20Ah battery pack can provide the necessary power to operate an electric trolling motor on a kayak or small boat. This allows for quieter and more efficient propulsion compared to a traditional gasoline motor.

2. Running navigation and fish-finding equipment: Kayak anglers often use various electronic devices such as chartplotters, fish finders, and GPS systems to enhance their fishing experience. A 12V 20Ah battery pack can power these devices, ensuring they remain functional throughout the fishing trip.

3. Charging electronic devices: Many kayakers bring along smartphones, cameras, and other electronic devices to document their adventures. Instead of relying solely on their own batteries, a 12V 20Ah battery pack can be used to charge these devices, providing a reliable power source while out on the water.

4. Emergency backup power: In case of emergencies or unexpected situations, a 12V 20Ah battery pack can serve as a backup power source. It can be used to power emergency lights, radios, or even a small electric pump for inflating a raft or life jacket. This can be particularly useful during night-time paddling or in remote areas without access to power outlets.

Specification of 12v 20ah Kayak Boats Battery Pack

ModelVoltageConfifigurationCapacityDischarge CurrentCharging PortSame Port
WP-DLP0250.4V14S5P20Ah45A ContinuousProtocolCANBus

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