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Ebike Battery ODM

WorldPower - Ebike Battery ODM Expert

Worldpower has been committed to the research and development of electric bicycles and providing customers with personalized electric bicycle lithium battery solutions. To adapt market, we have independently developed Bosh models, Rear Hanger models, Down tube inline models, etc. Currently available in 24V/36 volt ebike/48V, with capacities ranging from 5.2Ah to 30Ah; millions sets are used and tested by worldwide users.

How To Improve The Lifespan And Performance Of Ebike Batteries For ODM Clients?

1. Theoretically. We need to buy newly produced brand cells and avoid stock and recycled cell as much as possible.

2. Use high quality BMS, protection plates, etc. to actively balance the differences between cells and extend their life.

3. Lithium battery need to be charged once every two months especially put on shelf for a long time to prevent e bike battery and ebike frame battery protection and extend battery life.

4. To avoid over-discharging, emergency braking, carrying overload, mixing old and new batteries in series, fast charging, over-charging, etc.. which will affect the lifespan of the battery.

5. The general lithium battery charger set charging current for 0.2C, that is, about 5 hours complete charging.  

6. Charging when the power remaining about 25%. Keep regular charging as far as possible to make the battery power in a complete state, just like using your mobile phone.

7. Proceed accordingly step by step while connect the battery first. then the power supply. Cut off the power supply when charging completed, then unplug the battery to avoid instantaneous current shock.

8. Do not charge immediately after each long-distance driving. You should wait for the battery to cool down for 10 to 30 minutes before charging, which can extend the battery life.

9. During idle time. The battery should be charged normally once a month, it is strictly forbidden to store the battery over 6 months without charging.

10. Try to use the original charger. Do not remove the BMS speed limit, otherwise it will reduce the service life of the battery.

11. When the battery capacity is decaying, you should go to your local dealer for inspection to determine whether the battery decline is normal, and if necessary, you can improve the battery working condition by active equalization.

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