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58v 44ah Battery Pack For Efoil Electric Hydrofoil ODM

The 58v 44Ah Battery Pack is specifically designed for the Efoil Electric Hydrofoil, delivering optimal power and efficiency. With its high capacity, it provides extended runtime for a thrilling and uninterrupted hydrofoil experience. To learn more about E Foil Battery, please do not hesitate to contact Worldpower Battery.

Application of 58v 44ah Battery Pack For Efoil Electric Hydrofoil

1. Powering the electric motor: The primary application of a 58V 44Ah battery pack in an eFoil electric hydrofoil is to provide the necessary power to drive the electric motor. The battery pack supplies the energy needed for the motor to propel the hydrofoil through the water.

2. Extending the range and run time: A high-capacity battery pack like a 58V 44Ah one allows for extended range and longer run times on an eFoil electric hydrofoil. With a larger capacity, users can enjoy more time on the water without the need for frequent recharging or battery swaps.

3. Powering onboard electronics and accessories: The battery pack can also be used to power onboard electronics and accessories on the eFoil electric hydrofoil. This may include navigation systems, wireless controllers, LED lights, and other electronic devices used for monitoring or enhancing the user's experience.

Specification of 58v 44ah Battery Pack For Efoil Electric Hydrofoil

ModelVoltageCapacityConfigurationDischarge CurrentCharging PortWaterproof Level
WP-GN0150.4V30Ah14S6P50ASame PortIP68


ModelVoltageConfifigurationCapacityDischarge CurrentCharging PortSame Port
WP-DLP0250.4V14S5P20Ah45A ContinuousProtocolCANBus

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