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Outdoor Power Station ODM Service

With our lithium power pack, your outdoor leisure time can be a peaceful and eco-friendly experience, free from the noxious fumes and noise generated by fuel-operated generators. These battery packs are designed to be rechargeable using corresponding solar panels, ensuring a 100% green energy experience.

Our portable power stations are versatile and can be widely used, particularly in rural locations, as backup power supplies for all your consumer electronics. Whether it's drones, cameras, computers, refrigerators, power tools, or even air-conditioners, our battery packs can provide reliable power wherever you are. This makes them a suitable replacement for traditional power banks.

Our battery packs are equipped with multi-output ports, including AC, USB-A, and USB-C, to cater to different device requirements. This versatility enables you to charge a variety of devices simultaneously, offering convenience and flexibility.

By opting for our lithium-powered battery packs, you not only enjoy the convenience of portable power but also contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable environment. Embrace the calm and peace of your outdoor leisure time without the disruption of traditional generators, and experience the benefits of green energy.

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