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52V Down Tube E-bike Battery ODM

A cutting-edge power solution for electric bicycles. With its down tube mounting design, it seamlessly integrates with your bike frame, providing enhanced stability and balance. This high-voltage battery delivers increased power and performance, allowing for longer rides and greater acceleration. Ebike frame battery experience the next level of e-bike performance with our 52v down tube e-bike battery.

Specification of 52V Down Tube E-bike Battery

ModelVoltageCapacityMax NumberCharging portProtocol
WP-MY0136V/48V8.8-1 7.5Ah50 cellsRCA-BStandard/UART/CANBus

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52V Ebike Battery Features

  • Enhanced attachment surface on the slide for improved stability

  • Durable housing material for increased longevity

  • Precision-engineered cell holder using CNC technology

  • Tailored nickel connections for consistent fusing

  • Intelligent Battery Management System with Bluetooth connectivity and thermal regulation

  • Charging port designed to accommodate currents up to 8A

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