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50.4v 35ah 40ah 50ah Electric Watercraft Batteries ODM

The 50.4V electric watercraft batteries are designed to power electric watercraft, such as boats or jet skis. They come in different capacities, including 35Ah, 40Ah, and 50Ah. These batteries offer a high voltage of 50.4V, providing ample power for the watercraft to operate efficiently and effectively. The varying capacity options allow users to choose the battery that suits their specific needs, balancing power and endurance for a seamless and enjoyable watercraft experience.

Advantages Of Using 50.4v Electric Watercraft Batteries

1. Increased power output: 50.4V electric watercraft batteries provide a higher voltage compared to lower voltage batteries, resulting in increased power output. This allows for improved acceleration and higher speeds, enhancing the overall performance of the watercraft.

2. Longer run time: The higher capacity of 50.4V electric watercraft batteries (such as 35Ah, 40Ah, or 50Ah) allows for a longer run time before requiring recharging. This means more time spent on the water enjoying water sports, fishing, or simply cruising without the need for frequent battery swaps or recharging breaks.

3. Enhanced efficiency: 50.4V electric watercraft batteries are designed to offer higher energy efficiency compared to lower voltage batteries. This means that the electric outboard motor battery can convert more of its stored energy into usable power, resulting in longer operating time and improved overall efficiency for the watercraft.

4. Compact size: Despite their higher voltage and capacity, 50.4V electric watercraft batteries can be compact and lightweight, making them easy to handle and install on watercraft. The smaller size allows for better placement and weight distribution within the watercraft, optimizing performance and handling.

5. Reduced charging time: High-voltage batteries like 50.4V ones often have the advantage of faster charging times. This means less downtime waiting for the battery to charge, allowing users to get back on the water sooner and enjoy their electric watercraft to the fullest.

6. Compatibility with advanced electric watercraft systems: Many modern electric watercraft models are designed to work with higher voltage systems like 50.4V. Choosing a 50.4V electric watercraft battery ensures compatibility with these advanced systems and allows users to take advantage of the latest features and technologies available.

7. Longer battery lifespan: Higher voltage systems often require fewer cycles to power a watercraft, resulting in a longer battery lifespan. This means that 50.4V electric watercraft batteries can withstand multiple seasons of regular use before needing to be replaced, providing long-term value and cost savings.

Specification of 50.4v Electric Watercraft Batteries

ModelVoltageCapacityConfigurationDischarge CurrentCharging PortWaterproof Level
WP-GN0150.4V30Ah14S6P50ASame PortIP68


ModelVoltageConfifigurationCapacityDischarge CurrentCharging PortSame Port
WP-DLP0250.4V14S5P20Ah45A ContinuousProtocolCANBus

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