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WorldPower: Unveiling the Hailong Battery Ecosystem for Your Ebike

Hailong batteries have become synonymous with reliable and powerful electric bike batteries. Here at WorldPower, we understand the importance of finding the perfect battery for your ebike, and Hailong offers a diverse range of options to suit your specific needs and riding style. This guide delves into the world of Hailong batteries, exploring their different types, capacities, and functionalities to empower you to make an informed decision.

Hailong Battery Types: Finding the Right Fit

WorldPower offers three primary Hailong battery types: Down Tube Type, Hailong G70, and Hailong G80.

  • Down Tube Type Battery: This classic design seamlessly integrates into the downtube of your ebike frame, offering a sleek and unobtrusive aesthetic. WorldPower carries Hailong down tube batteries in various voltages (36v and 48v) and capacities (ranging from 13Ah to 20Ah).

  • Hailong G70 Battery:  The Hailong G70 boasts a compact and lightweight design, making it ideal for ebikes where weight optimization is crucial. Available in 36v and 48v options, the G70 series provides a good balance of power and portability.

  • Hailong G80 Battery:  This robust battery is designed for ebikes demanding high power output.  WorldPower offers the G80 in 48v configurations with capacities ranging from 13Ah to 17.5Ah, suitable for long-distance rides and tackling challenging terrains.

48v down tube e-bike battery oem

Hailong Battery Capacity: Understanding Your Range

The capacity of a Hailong battery, measured in ampere-hours (Ah), directly affects the range you can achieve on a single charge. Higher capacity batteries (like 20Ah) offer extended range compared to lower capacity ones (like 13Ah). When selecting a Hailong battery, consider your average riding distance and choose a capacity that aligns with your needs.

Hailong Battery Voltage: Powering Your Ride

The voltage of a Hailong battery determines the power output of your ebike's motor. Here's a breakdown of the most common Hailong battery voltages available at WorldPower:

  • 36v Batteries: Ideal for everyday commuting and recreational riding on flat or gently rolling terrain.

  • 48v Batteries: Provide more power and torque, enabling you to conquer steeper hills and achieve higher speeds.

Important Note: Ensure compatibility between your ebike motor and the chosen battery voltage. Installing an incompatible voltage can damage your ebike's electrical system.

36 volt bike battery

WorldPower's Hailong Battery Selection: A Look at Popular Options

  • Hailong Down Tube Battery 48v 20Ah: This high-capacity battery offers an exceptional range, perfect for extended ebike adventures.

  • Hailong G70 Battery 36v: This lightweight and compact option is ideal for urban commuting and recreational rides.

  • Hailong G80 Battery 48v 17.5Ah:  A powerful choice for tackling challenging terrains and demanding rides.

Additional Hailong Battery Features at WorldPower

Beyond the core types, capacities, and voltages, WorldPower offers Hailong batteries with additional functionalities:

  • Hailong Battery with Key: Ensures the security of your battery by requiring a key for removal.

  • Hailong 21700 Cell Technology: Utilizes advanced lithium-ion cells for improved performance and durability.

  • Hailong Shark Battery:  This unique design integrates seamlessly into certain ebike frames for a streamlined look.

WorldPower: Your One-Stop Shop for All Things Hailong Battery

  52v battery ebike

WorldPower is your trusted partner for all your Hailong battery needs. We offer a comprehensive selection of Hailong batteries, encompassing various types, capacities, voltages, and functionalities. Additionally, our team of experts is here to guide you in selecting the perfect Hailong battery for your ebike and riding style.

We stock a wide range of Hailong batteries, including:

Don't hesitate to contact WorldPower today to discuss your Hailong battery requirements!

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